3 Simple Ways to Avail your Time in Unemployment

Due to covid 19, many people have lost their jobs. Many fresh graduates are looking for jobs as well. In the time of adversity, applying for jobs is strenuous and affects your mental health. Society pressure is another story where everyone asks you about your career and give their advice. In all this chaos, it is crucial how you utilize your time effectively.

As I am searching for a job too and sometimes, find it difficult to take this pressure. Below are some of the tips to utilize your time as they are helping me as well. 

  1. Connect with people in your field: Utilize Linkedin properly and add people from your profession and industry. Follow the posts and see what technologies they are using. Talk to them and show your potential. They can refer you to their company if they see potential in you.
  2. Learn New Technology or Skill: If there is any new technology, try to learn it. When you get connected with people in your field, you will know about technology or skills in demand. If you can, take admission if not possible then you can do self-learning online. But try to keep yourself updated.
  3. Grab Temporary Opportunities: For the time being, try to grab any opportunity you come across if they can pay your bills. Try to do some freelance work online or through your network; it will support you financially.

Remember ranting on social media won’t help you in landing your dream job. Many employers search for resources on social media. When they see you repeatedly complaining; they judge you as impatient and short temper, and nobody wants to hire short temper people. 

Every successful person has a struggled past; that’s why they like people who can take the pressure and do not give up in difficult times. We need to be patient and persistent in our quest. 

Remember, no matter what, your passion and persistence remain the same.   

p.s. I wrote this article for LinkedIn, thought to share it here too.

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