Misfit in an insane world.

Sometimes I feel I am born in the wrong century. I am not born for competition, race and glamour. I don’t want to achieve everything. Should we define success by money or other material things? For me, real success is inner peace. In today’s world, eternal peace is hard to find. We are the slave of our inner desires that don’t let us sleep. They keep us on our toes; hence we become restless. Often times, we forget that we can achieve happiness in simple things or moments. 

I don’t want to be part of the world where:

  • We cannot laugh openly at simple things, 
  • We are judged by the choices we make,
  • We are rejected because we are not up to the standards of society. 

I’m definitely not born for this kind of world. In trying to fit in, I am becoming a mess. I am restless and insecure. As long as I am part of this insane world, I will not find eternal peace or happiness. To prove myself or worth, I am getting hurt. A fire inside me is burning my soul. I am losing myself in trying to blend in.

I wish I could change this world or go back to those simple times when life was simple and beautiful. 

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