“Camino Winds”- Who was the killer of Nelson – The Novelist?

John Grisham is famous for his storytelling about legal drama or criminal investigations. He mostly exposes giant corporations trying to exploit people for their monetary gains. His writing style and how he unfolds his story; hook me to the books till the end. From the day I read his book “The Street Lawyer”, I have become his biggest fan and do not miss any of his books. Last week I got my hands on his book “Camino Winds” that I couldn’t put down.

The story revolved around the small Island Camino, where during a hurricane name Leo, the best-selling Novelist murdered mysteriously. Book store owner Bruce and his young employee Nick tried to unravel the actual reasons for his murder when police believed that he died under mysterious circumstances without any evidence. Therefore, the case should be closed. What Bruce found out was a different story.. What Bruce found out was a different story.

If you are interested to know how nursing homes could exploit anything for some monetary gains, you must give it a read. If you do not have much to do, you can finish this book in a day or two. I am sure you won’t be disappointed in the end.

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