She is the One

Sometimes we are scared of getting close to certain people. We like them, want to know about them; but we assume that it won't end well. Not because we don't trust them, but our past experiences don't let us believe in good. So to protect ourselves, we build walls around us and hurt people who … Continue reading She is the One

Ordinary Girl

Have you ever written something and then realized that it's too personal and you can't share it on the public forum. For the last few weeks, I have written a lot but couldn't share them here as I felt that it's too personal. This piece is one of them.

3 Simple Ways to Avail your Time in Unemployment

Due to covid 19, many people have lost their jobs. Many fresh graduates are looking for jobs as well. In the time of adversity, applying for jobs is strenuous and affects your mental health. Society pressure is another story where everyone asks you about your career and give their advice. In all this chaos, it … Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Avail your Time in Unemployment